Oceanside Sunset Market ~ Vendor Spotlight and Picture Essay

Having been a volunteer with Mainstreet Oceanside for about a Year and a half now, I know how much work goes into running the Thursday Markets. There are two the smaller more produce driven morning market and the night “Sunset Market” which features more of a street fair environment with live music, artists, and food. I have been to two over the last month or so and the crowd volume has picked up for the summer.

market 1

market 4

Pretty much this crowded the whole time. I love these two ladies in the second pic…I’m not taking pictures of you get over it, my camera was over my head “say anything boom box style” snapping crowd pics.

Now there are about 180 vendors for the markets and i would say 80% if not more are food vendors. That is a lot. Not all are good and not all are authentic. I will mention three here that are worth your time.

First is Shwings ~ New style Sushi and wings who i have mentioned before. Having been around for 7 weeks now it is nice to see them settled in and upping their game.

shwings 2

The Shwings menu offerings.

shwings 3

Chicken with pickled watermelon foreground and Bacon Avocado roll in the back.

shwings chicken sushi

Bacon &Avocado roll…great plating

Flaming Salmon 1

Right next door to Shwings is flamin’ Salmon.

Flaming Salmon 2

Hence the name. I had talked with the Owner / Chef about temp control and how the fish does not get dried out..his answer 20 years experience doing this in Germany.

flaming salmon 7

flaming salmon

Good stuff.

So the real reason I went down was to talk with Cheryl of Cheryl’s caramels

Cheryl hand makes her candy here in Oceanside in small artisanal batches. They are Gluten, nut, chemical, and preservative free. She makes 9 flavors ranging from Old Fashioned Caramel to Ginger Bread and Raspberry.


caremels service

Cheryl at her booth.

She used to work in the corporate world doing graphic design and marketing,. you can tell her booth screams vintage quality candy. She is also a great person and passionate about her product. The visuals draw you in and she sets the hook and reels you in with her personality.

caremels product

caremels cup

Went home with the “Old Fashioned” caramels. Perfect melt in your mouth rich flavor.

caremels me

Cheryl and some writer hack:)

There will be more about Cheryl and her product soon, also I heard good things about the Perogies near by and did not get a chance to check them out and want to hit up Olivia’s Kitchen for some African food (I love goat and it is hard to find)

night market_

The market at Sunsetish.

night market  2


Flamin’ salmon

Cheryl’s Caramels





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