Custom Doughnuts From Great local Chef Coming To Banana Dang! ~ Oceanside

So, I was invited to lend my palate and camera to a tasting at Banana Dang! of the custom doughnut selection being created for them by local Chef Annalise Brolaski.

If that name sounds familiar she participated in our 50 Shades of Red Dessert Dinner, is owner of Sweet Organic Love pastries, and is the new creative force behind the desserts at Wrench and Rodent Seabasstro Pub.

ann col

Some of Annalise’s work ~ Left to right, Dessert for 50 Shades of Red Dinner, Dessert created for Wrench and Rodent, Custom cake……yep, she is bad ass.

So, Mario and Ton Ton wanted some special pastries for their shop that matched the quality of their coffee, tea and smoothies. This is what Annalise came up with and we tasted.


These doughnuts are a little bigger than a golf ball, The quality of the ingredients makes this the perfect size with a coffee or drink otherwise they would be two rich.

These ain’t your work break room pink boxed doughnuts.


Your better than these…let Jenice in accounting have two.

D #1

Coconut caramel glaze, toasted coconut, banana filling.

The banana filling is created by placing a fresh banana in the dough before it goes into the fryer. This results in a creamy eclair like filling.

D 2

Coconut and chocolate ganache with banana filling

D 3

Peanut butter with banana chips. This will probably be their signature doughnut.

D 4

Peanut butter with bourbon candied peanuts.

D 5

Banana and Chocolate

D 6

Watermelon glaze with sprouted watermelon seeds.

This was my favorite, the watermelon flavor was fresh and subtle. This would be perfect with an iced tea or smoothie. Genius.

D 7

Chocolate caramel with spiced pecans.

D 8

Peanut butter with banana filling. (Got a little two close with my lense on this pic)

So a few of these beauties should be showing up on Banana Dang!’s menu in the near future. Only on Weekends probably at first. There are no preservatives so they need to be done in small batches.

These are the kind of doughnuts I would expect to see at high-end restaurants and gastropubs as a dessert that would run $11 for 2 or 3

Follow Banana Dang! below on their Facebook page to get when they release.

Banana Dang!

Sweet Organic Love

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