Black Rock Coffee ~ Oceanside

“Warning, the Bassmaster General has now determined that coffee is good for your health” ~ The Decendents.

If you drive on Oceanside Blvd., I’m sure you have seen Black Rock Coffee’s drive through shop. It is hard to miss between its contrasting black and red design and the continuous line of cars queuing in up for their morning or evening coffee fix.

br ext 2

Black Rock is a franchise but it is the right kind of franchise. The owners of the franchises are all family or friends of the founders who grew up together.

Black Rock started in Beaverton, Oregon in 2008. Today they have 17 locations in Oregon, 6 in Washington, and one in Oceanside.

Drive through coffee Shops are very popular in the  Pacific North West. Weather is a factor, rainy, colder winters make them perfect for grabbing your coffee without getting wet, and mild summers make serving hot coffee in a small environment bearable, without losing huge profit to AC bills. Not a lot of Arizona drive through coffee places.

That is one of the reasons Oceanside and San Diego County with its year round temperate weather make sence for this kind of business.

Br int

Br 2

The tight confines of a drive through coffee shop. Space is at a premium.

Another cause for their popularity is the convenience. People are on the go and not having to get the kids out of the car or find parking saves time. Yes, Starbucks has drive through …but its Starbuck’s coffee. Another reason for Black Rock’s success is the quality of the coffee they serve. All their coffee is roasted by them at their roasting facility in Oregon using a proprietary blend that then is sent out to all the locations to ensure quality and consistency across the brand.

PJ is the manager of the Oceanside location, he has been since they opened 6 years ago. He says business just keeps growing every year, they are making a profit and looking toward the future.


Manager PJ

PJ told me he has regulars who are transplants from the NW that drive quite a way to get a piece of home.

What I found out, that I love, is that a business with such a small physical foot print has 7 employees. They are turning enough business to employ that many locals. That is great for Oceanside and the economy and deserving of support. They are also at a point now to provide sponsorship to local events and organizations.


Menu (not my picture taken off yelp)

As you can see they serve a wide variety of drinks in addition to coffee.  just don’t call the blended drinks Frapaccinos, they hate that:)

The most popular coffee drink, the Caramel Blondie…or if your hardcore go for the Jackhammer.


Not my picture again…I know I’m slipping. Stolen, I mean borrowed from Their Facebook page.

So, if you need a coffee fix drive by and visit them they are Open 5am till 9 pm at 1918 Oceanside Blvd.

Follow them on Facebook.


“Thanks to modern chemistry; sleep is now optional” ~ The Decendents

Ha, slipped two punk rock coffee references in one article:)

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