Perfect Pairings to Craft Burger ~ One restaurants’ continued evolving journey.

So last November I wrote this about the Carlsbad restaurant Perfect Pairings, writing…..

“The long and short of it “run do not walk” to this restaurant. This was another instance of me being sceptical and being blown away. this was probably the best meal I have had this year.”

“Perfect Pairings is the brainchild of proprietor  Alex Morrison and Chef Aaron Gentry. The restaurant is based on all tasting menu, with beer, wine, or tea pairings. that is a bold move for North County and if it was not so good it would border on crazy.”

Perfect pairings Logo

Full article here.

Opah Almandine perfect

Perfectly cooked Opah ~ Perfect Pairings

All that still rings true now. Only problem is Perfect pairings is no more, or is it?

At the time I had my concerns that North County was not yet quite ready to support the concept. If I can relate it to some thing, the same thing happened to Blanca In Solana Beach ( I just wrote that off the top of my head and then realize how true it is on many levels)

What happened …in Slightly different ways is they rebooted with simpler concepts delivering the same high quality standards in their food, just in a more approachable concept to the areas dining public. Blanca morphed, moved a little North and became Blue Ribbon Pizza, one of the best pizza place in SD.

What Perfect Pairings did was a similar move. They simplified, reorganized and morphed into a high-end burger concept.

craft burger ext

The New Concept

My first visit to their new concept was shortly after “Craft Burger” opened. Again high quality but more approachable. Owner and Chef Aaron had to part ways, on good terms, just due to the financials and conceptual change. Owner Alex actually cooked my burger on that visit and nailed it. delivering a perfectly medium rare, perfectly dressed. tasty burger and fries.

craft burger burger

Perfect Burger and Fries

Flash forward to a few weeks ago I get an email that Craft Burger is doing a Pop-Up tasting dinner (basically bringing back Perfect Pairings in Pop-Up form) This is genius and as someone who has hosted multiple Chef tasting dinners, this the way to go, reintroduce and build support for the concept.

pp menu

The Menu

I was so excited I made my reservations ASAP and invited Native Wines Owner Chris Lobo to join me. Perfect person to have at a wine dinner and I want these guys to meet. Plus Chris is such a great guy and Alex is a serious wine collector and Certified Sommelier so they should have lots to chat about.

I also interviewed Alex which I am currently transcribing and will feature with the recap of the dinner.

Craft Burger

300 carlsbad Village Dr # 120

Carlsbad, CA

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