Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen ~ Vista

So, I was trying to think the best way to start this. This was one of those posts that the second I get home I have to edit my pictures and start writing because I’m so excited.

Let me give you a little back story about my experience with the Flying Pig. I held off visiting the Oceanside location for a long time. Mainly because everyone was telling me to go there and being the stubborn person I am to a fault ” Don’t tell me what to do Naaaah!” …look did not say I was perfect.

Anyway, finally I made it in had the Pork Burger and was “it was fine but nothing that blew my socks off.” Later talking about it with my Chef friend Beau he said ” You have to go back and order The pork chop or a steak. A week later I was camped out in the corner of the bar gnawing on a pork bone trying to get the last morsel out of it with a nearly empty glass of red wine by my side. At that point I was converted.

Then Chef Mario Moser participated in my first Chefs’ Dinner and produced this dish…

marios dish

Kobe beef belly, Japanese sweet potato, agnolotti, pickled kuri squash, maitake mushrooms, cured egg.

After that, I knew this guy was f’ing serious.

Ok, enough flashback onto Flying Pig, Vista

I wrangled my friend Beau Bonham to have dinner with me, Beau brought along, his wonderful girlfriend and equally wonderful daughter. (Anyone who is a huge Doctor Who fan gets +10,000 points in my book)


Beau and troop. Beau is an insane Chef and good friend so always good to have along as a sounding board.

flying pig int 1

Flying Pig Interior

So the new location was a bit smaller than I had imagined, but it had this really great balance of lively but not overcrowded, upscale but not too serious. The crowd was diverse as well. There were parties of “Bros”, people out on dates, and girls having a night out. The place is kid friendly too.

flying pig int 2

More Interior

The restaurant also features a great outdoor patio space.

flying pig patio 1

Said Patio.

flying pig patio 2

Mechanized Agro Culture Vehicle…or Tractor.

So, OK on to the food.

We were treated to an Amuse Bouche from the Chef.

beet cured salmon belly amuse

Beet cured salmon belly.

Beautiful Salmon Belly, right amount of acid, a nice way to start off. Especially on a hot day.

flying pig heirloom tomato salad

Heirloom Tomato Salad ~ local heirloom tomato, burrata cheese, smoked gazpacho, Fallbrook hass avocado, mint, basil buttermilk dressing & arugula

Great salad, you had me at Tomato and Burrata but the smoked gazpacho was so good and a unique touch. Every ingredient was super fresh and nothing overpowered each other. Another thing the starters (at least the ones we had) were more like entrée size. You could do a Salad and the Calamari dish between two people and have a great meal.

melon and proscuto

Serrano Ham and Melon  ~ serrano ham, local melon, lemon verbena infused yogurt, mache, espellete, brined melon rind

Sometimes the best thing is great ingredients put together with a restrained hand. Another winner.

porky burger

1/2 LB. Pork Burger & Truffle Fries ~ House made garlic & marjoram patty, irish cheddar, salami, watercress, dijonaise, house pickle, truffle fries.

Beau’s daughter Bella had this. This was light years ahead of the pork burger I had on my first visit to the Oceanside Flying Pig. Fries were perfect crisp outside and fluffy inside.


Scottish Loch Duart Salmon ~ smoked fennel cream, roasted local cauliflower, caper brown butter, petit ocean greens & candied orange zest.

Beau ordered this, which is funny because most chef’s hate salmon and making has such a reputation as a hotel/wedding/buffet dish. Yeah…forget all that, this was one of the best Salmon dishes I have tasted. Perfect sear and perfect medium rare from little end to the middle…this is tied with the most impressive salmon I have had. The other being Saikou Salmon at Wrench and Rodent when they have it. All the accoutrements just enhanced the fish.

Tri Tip

Roasted Heartbrand Akaushi all natural Tri Tip ~ sherry & mushroom marinated Heartbrand Akaushi tri tip with roasted mushrooms, maker’s sauce, smoked mashed potatoes.

Two things you should avoid, Never get involved in a land war in Asia and never challenge my knowledge of Tri-Tip:)

This is tied with the best Tri-Tip I have ever had (and yes I have tried Cardiff Crack and it is second now,) The one it is tied with was a Tri Tip  cooked only on weekends out of a gas station in Paso robles…not sure it even exists anymore.

The one thing I would say is the rub did have a lot of salt, but you only got this if you ate the fat and it did not deter from the greatness of this dish.


Pie of the Day ~ Pecan

Really good and I’m not a dessert person.

Honestly this is the best meal I have had this year…and I have had some great food. LTH is killing it right now, but the truth is the truth.

Mario and Roddy

Chef Mario and Owner Roddy

I want to see what they are doing in about 6 months from now, if this is any indication……

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

203 S. Santa Fe
Vista, CA

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