Comings and Goings ~ Oceanside and Carlsbad

So, just a few things I ran across on my travels.

Downtown Oceanside is getting a L&L BBQ downtown. Now, I know we want an artisan, craft, farm to table ,sustainable third generation Belgian, Venezuelan, jam maker to take up shop, but this will attract people who can then discover TBG, Petite Madeline and others in the area.


Thank goodness it is not another T-shirt shop.

Secondly in Carlsbad, I was sad to see one of my favorite go-to sandwich places go.


R.I.P Grand Deli.


I will miss you “Caboose” sandwich…”you were named after the last car on the train but will always be the first in my heart.”


The new tenants Cicciottis. Italian Sea Food, this will be their second location. the first is in Cardiff.

Speaking of Carlsbad..I know, horrible Segway. I love these guys.


I have been craving a Charcuterie board for a while. Heads up restaurants why would I pay $16 dollars plus for a few pieces of Cheese and meats (even if you make your cured meats in-house) your board will not stand up to this.

board 2

Speck, Prosciutto San Daniele (aged 24 mos.) salame felino and imported bufala mozzarella. $30 enough for 3 people or me with sandwiches at 2am that night.

I really need to do more on them, they are the nicest family and this is the kind of place that I would expect in San Francisco. This is just the Market i am talking about by the way.

.Vigiluccis Market

L & L Hawaiian BBQ


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