Booze Brother’s Brewing Co. – Vista, CA

Article and Photos by Katie Cobb

Booze Brother’s Brewing Co. has been on my radar to visit for quite some time. After going, I can now say I’m sad it took me so long to make it out there. The first thing you see when you walk in is a giant American flag and one trendy ass bar. All of the brick, pine, exposed beams and mounted antlers makes it seem like a dreamy man cave, of course, women are allowed.

Photo of the bar at Booze Brother's Brewing Co.

Photo of the bar at Booze Brother’s Brewing Co.

After purusing the menu I decided to get a few tasters. I was very pleased by the creativity displayed on their menu. They had a wide selection of styles ranging from IPAs to saisons to browns. The only style that wasn’t represented were stouts, but I suppose as with most great things, everything has it’s season.

The draft list at Booze Brother's

The draft list at Booze Brother’s

I decided to sample the Apple Champagne Ale, the Good Guy Session IPA, the Cherry Blind Wit, and the Belle of the Hog, along with a few sips from my friends’ glasses, who ordered other beers I wanted to try 🙂

Apple Champagne Ale- This ale was a fantastic beer to start off with as it has been a hot, hot day. It is simply a twist on their Penny Blonde Ale, adding some apples into the brewing process. It was light, refreshing, and added a little sweetness that makes me want to drink 100% of the time for the remainder of never-ending summer.

Good Guy Session IPA- This IPA was fantastically aromatic. There is just something about the smell of hops that is so soothing. Overall, a solid choice for any IPA lover like myself.

Cherry Blind Wit- This brew is a twist on their Snow Blind Wit, adding cherries into the mixture. It is a strong Belgian wit, but has a tartness which made it a bit lighter on the palate. I’m not a huge fan of Belgian wits, but I always try to challenge myself to appreciate creativity and quality beer where I can. This one definitely made me see the light, just a little bit 😉

Belle of the Hog- This beauty was brewed for Flying Pig’s new restaurant in Vista. It is a saison with kumquat, as well as other spices and was delightfully complex. It had a light fruity/tartness but also some darker spices (maybe clove???) that made it seem almost holiday-esk to me. Like orange spice tea or mulled wine. Delightful.

***again, keep in mind these are my not-so-professional reviews, so if you want to find out, go out and try them yourself!

Booze Brother's tasting room/outdoor patio.

Booze Brother’s tasting room/outdoor patio.

In addition to the wonderful beer tasting, the brewery has a ping-pong table, an outdoor bar where you can get their core beers, as well as a large seating space outside. Also hosting a food truck, this space was the perfect spot to unwind with friends after a hot day. They had great music, plenty of space, and an ambiance that made us want to just sit and enjoy their beer alllllll evening.

Booze Brother’s Brewing Co.

2545 Progress St. Suite D, Vista, CA 92081

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