Encinitas ~ Lunch, and Openings Coming Up

So, one of those days where what I had planned fell apart, but everything worked out for the better.

Also, just a pet peeve of mine if you own a restaurant have regular hours…do not know how you can be a sandwich shop and be open 9 to 3 or close for a few hours in the middle of the day (2nd place) Your still paying rent. Moving on:)

So, I had to stop by Lofty Coffee if I’m in Encinitas , I just do, its like if Octopus is on the menu I have to order it. LAW.


Lofty’s Nitro Iced Coffee.

I do not pretend to know whats going on here but perfection. It is Iced coffee without ice and goes from a nice foam to dark. Very chocolate taste…really good.

Ok, so next up on my journey is, i have decided, one of my favorite places in North County.

Solterra, they are a working wine producer with a great restaurant.

soltera wine

I started with this, a Gewürztraminer this was the dry (sorry their web page wine shop is down so I can not get all the info). Very good though, great actually.

I ordered a few small dishes, they have a great happy hour, that runs all day Monday and 3 to 5:30 every other day of the week.

soltera wine tapas

Boquerones, Pickled White Anchovies with parsley. Gourmet olives with coriander, lemon, and garlic.

soltera wine anchovies

These little guys were just beautiful. Quality Anchovies are so good and under used due to a bad rap from the canned ones.

soltera wine olives

Yep, just olives but quality product is a work of art.


More goings on….



Moto Deli is under way in the old Sub Palace space.

moto-deli 2

Total inside is gutted…still a few months out, by my guess. ( I used to be in project planning)


This one I’m really excited about, a local Hawaiian place. Lanai. Pretty sure this was the old Haggo’s taco place….could be wrong.

lanai 2

Stealth over the fence shot:)

Anyway that was the majority of my day…met a lot of cool people and learned stuff.

On a total side note if you have a correction or suggestion feel free to contact me. On the other hand if you want to say something about my grammar or spelling please keep it to yourself. There is a phrase that starts with Go and ends with Off.



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