The Lanai Island Grinds ~ Leucadia

‘Oia’i’o nō kēia. ( This is for real)

So, I have been stalking this restaurant waiting for them to open for a while now. Real Hawaiian food is hard to come by even on the west coast, sorry L & L (not that there is anything wrong with L & L…although I do not know how you cram 500 calories into a scoop of macaroni salad).

The Lanai Island Grinds has taken over the old Haggo’s Taco spot at 1114 N. Coast Hwy 101, Leucadia.

lanai ext

They are brand new and just opened Nov. 1st so not a ton of info yet.

lanai int 1

Simple but relaxing interior.

The menu consists of sandwiches, lunch plates, Poke, rice bowls and sides. I wanted to try the poke but asked what they suggested and was told the Loco Moco (in my head I was kinda like awww I wanted poke, but they did not steer me wrong.

lanai loco moco

Loco Moco ~ Beef patty, 2 fried eggs, onion gravy, steamed rice.

This was so good, eggs cooked perfectly so the yolk ran over everything. They also have sauces made from scratch. I tried the Habanero and the Ghost Pepper. Both had heat and bags of flavor. Talking with Sous Chef Nick Schaller he mentioned how they pickled the peppers for three days…again these guys are the real deal.

I love kimchee and ordered that as a side

lanai kimchee


This was one of the freshest most vibrant versions of this dish I have tried, I loved the addition of the mushrooms. you do need a knife to break this down though as the Bok Choy is whole.

I wanted to order more but was too full, guess I’ll have to come back.

lanai owner

Chef / owner Doug Moric in front of a great mural.

I would check them out. currently they are only open 11am till 3:30 Monday thru Thursday and 11am till 5pm Friday and Saturday and I believe their hours are going to be changing, so a call would be a good idea.

The Lanai Island Grinds

1114 N. Coast Hwy 101

Leucadia, Ca

4 thoughts on “The Lanai Island Grinds ~ Leucadia

  1. Took a ride down to check out the mural at Lanai Island Grinds. We are lucky to have another amazing art piece in Encinitas. Met Doug, the owner, asked a ton of questions about him and his cooking experience until a number of people walked into the place. This is an aloha serving tasy Island fair, with some unexpected, well executed surprises . Great warmth, relaxed atmosphere. Doug knows what he’s doing guys, I think his summer and beyond is going to be busy. Thanks Doug. Oh yeah, wear your flipflops – Pat Reinhardt

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