The Confessional by The Lost Abbey

Tonight, was a night for confessions. I had to admit to the beer gods that I had been spending far too much time on my school work, and not nearly enough time drinking the brews of North County. Thus, a trip to The Confessional by The Lost Abbey was an appropriate stop for me to celebrate turning in my thesis paper and repent of my sins ;). Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic. My point is, I went to The Confessional tonight. It is The Lost Abbey’s tasting room in Cardiff which features beers from The Lost Abbey, Port Brewing and a new, third brand of beers titled The Hop Concept.

Also, I apologize for the shitty photo quality, I forgot my camera and had to settle for my sad little camera phone.

The Confessional tasting room

The Confessional tasting room

The ambiance of this tasting room is fantastic. As opposed to many tasting rooms that are big open warehouse spaces, this one has plenty of seating and the decor is of an Abbey meets industrial feel. It’s not huge, so a big crowd would definitely be overwhelming, but tonight it was the perfect space for a relaxing time drinking some good beer with a few friends.

The Confessional draft list

The Confessional draft list

As mentioned, this tasting room features beers from three breweries/beer brands. The Lost Abbey, if unfamiliar, tends to create many old-world style beers, as well as many experimental beers such as sours and beers with unique ingredients.

Port Brewing does more American style beers but also includes a fair share of experimental brews.

The Hop Concept is a new brewing company along with these two. It is, as it sounds, centered on the hop-factor, creating many, deliciously hoppy beers.

Tonight I sampled Avant Garde from The Lost Abbey and Tropical and Juicy from The Hop Concept.


Avant Garde- Okay, I have to be honest. This is not the first time I have had this beer. It is actually one of my go-tos. This farmhouse ale is crisp and bready. A truly easy-drinking beer. The farmhouse style gives it an earthy complexity that I just love. It is interesting, yet simple.

Tropical and Juicy- This is an IPA brewed with grapefruit juice. It has wonderful citrus aromatics. The hopiness, however doesn’t linger in your mouth but instead is taken over by a sweet malty flavor. This IPA is definitely unique for this characteristic. It is sweet and sour and a delightful beer for this beautiful place that we live in.

The Confessional also features some special release beers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. By carrying beers from all three brands, there is truly something for every beer drinker out there. Whether you like old-world brews, lagers or IPAs, you will find something to quench your thirst here.

The Confessional by The Lost Abbey

2007 San Elijo Ave., Cardiff, CA 92007


Words and Pictures by Katie Cobb

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