Yellow Deli ~ Vista

So, The Yellow Deli in vista has been on my list for a while, I just have not had the chance to make it there. Last night, I was invited to dinner by my friends Mario and Ton Ton owners of Banana Dang! Coffee in Oceanside.

The lighting was strange and wrecked havoc with my camera so excuse the off colors, I corrected as much as reasonable.

ext 2

The building is beautiful, lots of wood and brick. They started the vista project in 2003 and did not complete due to learning curve and permits until 2010.

fire pit


The patio boasts two nice fire pits that are perfect for relaxing while waiting for seating.


The interior is a two story open setting with the second floor being a half floor providing a view of the lower floor. The floors are  connected via a wrought iron, winding staircase.


The Kitchen, located down stairs send everything to the second floor by a dumbwaiter (the contraption not a slow employee)


The menu is pretty simple, breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. The restaurant is open 24hrs which is nice.


“Chicken on the Ranch” ~ Chipotle Chicken, Havarti Cheese, onion,tomato, and specialty sauce on a Kaiser Roll.

Very tasty sandwich. They have their own ranch so a majority of their produce comes from there.


Hibiscus Cooler ~ not sure what was in this, Hibiscus I’m guessing and some grape juice. Again very good.


Mario, Ton Ton, and T2

So, I have heard read things about the group that runs the Yellow Deli (there are actually 10 yellow delis across the US) Heard the word “Cult”, “Religion”. You can go to their site if you actually want to read about it instead of talking about it. They are a Co-OP or collective. A group of people with the same ideas and values that work towards a common goal. They run a farm, build most of the furniture you see at the restaurant. So if any of that is stopping you from going relax and enjoy great atmosphere and great food.

Yellow Deli

315 East Broadway
                                                     Vista Village, CA


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