Barrel Republic ~ Oceanside


barrel ext

So, one of my flaws is that after years of doing this I have a pretty good radar. The thing is that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do. Do not get me get me wrong I’m smarter than the average bear…but some times I need to check myself this was one of those times.

Barrel Republic, so I could of summed them up in two paragraphs and would of been 99% accurate..except for the food. The food is better than it needs to be, in fact it is really good bordering on great.

int 1

I’m not going to talk about their beer program. It’s great and I had was able to have Soda and Ice tea from the same program  from Living Tea which was great but that is not my thing to report on.

The other thing is I deal with a ton of bar and restaurant staff. These guys were slow…I mean slow when I went in and they stepped up.

These two, one guy and one girl were excited about where they worked and the food. Look of course servers are trained to be like”that’s my favorite”

These people were genuinely invested, that is a rare thing.


Roasted Butternut Gyoza ~Spicy Ponzu Lacquer

These were great perfect skin. I wish the filling had a bit more seasoning ..but that is nit picking.

cali cuban

Cali Cuban ~ Pork Belly, Bacon, Cucumber, Pickled  Onion, Stone Ground Mustard.

This was a great take on the classic Cuban.

Basically I got schooled …which is rare, but I like it, it keeps me on my toes.

I would bring friends here..that says a lot.

Barrel Republic

215 N Coast Highway, Oceanside CA 92054


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