Real Bar and Bistro ~ Solana Beach

So, the thing with writing is you run out of adjectives. All the places on this sight are here because they are good or great. Then there are “Those” and by “Those” I mean head and toes above the rest.

If I was pressed I would say Davin of Wrench and Rodent, Daniel Pundik of LTH, Beau Bonham of Masters, and Annalise Brolaski (where ever she is) are the best chefs in not North County but San Diego. Oh, chris have you forgotten about Javier Plasencia and others? No I have not. Do I have a agenda regarding North County, Yes I do but I would still put those Chefs against anyone in San Diego. The fact they are up here is just a bonus.

and then there is Jeffery William Eick “Willy” a humble 26 year old power house. I’m going to walk you through one of the best meals I have had in the last 5 years.


Real Bar and Bistro Solana Beach


Wood Fired Octopus ~ Pickle Puree, Sun flower seeds,Potato, IPA vinaigrette

I love Octopus and this was one of the best examples of it. Massaged in salt and then cook right on the wood in the oven. Tender and magical.


Filippi (sorry if I’m mis-spelling your name) The man that works the wood burning oven for all the flatbreads and the octopus.

This where it starts to get serious.


Sweet Potato and Mascarpone Ravioli ~ Bolognese, Squid ink.

Now you can get this with brown butter (if your a fool) the Bolognese is the shit. 3 meat combo beef, pork and dry aged steak. If could get my hands a tub of stuff I would be standing in my kitchen at 6am eating it on sourdough toast

short rib

Braised Short Rib ~ Fingerling Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Mustard Greens, Curry Sauce.

So they tenderize the short rib in white wine instead of red which sets it up for going with the curry. The end result is a short rib you can eat with a spoon combined with a mild citrus curry. If you go out on a date and buy him /her this dish and don’t get action  your doing something wrong.

and now ladies and gentleman…Dessert. I’m not a huge dessert person. I like Bitter and Sour over sweet …but these were really good

OK so my computer just crashed …lucky enough I just bought a new one sitting right across form me in the box so my rest of night is going to be transporting every thing over…but here are the desserts

dessert 1dessert 2.In the end this is a destination restaurant. It is a restaurant I will bring chefs to. I highly advise going here.


ChefJeffery “Willy” in his kitchen


Left to Right ~ Mike (great bartender / server), Owner Mark, and again Chef.

I want to say thank you for a great meal and I’m coming back this coming week with a Chef friend.



Real Bar and Bistro

124 South Solana Hills Drive

Solana Beach, CA


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