Cork & Craft ~ (N)East County

So, out of the range of my normal stomping grounds and kind of in the middle of nowhere, Lies Cork & Craft tucked away in an industrial Park….some things are worth seeking out.

To be honest I was brought here by Chef Ian Smith who had heard good things. I’m happy we went.

cork ext

Stolen pic off google images..we were there at night and I could not get a good exterior shot.

The Chef is Filipino and while the menu is more classic upscale bistro American you can see that influence coming through.

The Space itself is interesting it also houses Abnormal Beer and Wine Company so the Beer and wine menu showcases a lot of there own creations rounded out by other choices.

interior 1


The interior is open accented with brick and wood with a good sized open kitchen.


dining and kitchen


We started sharing 3 apps.

head cheese

HEADCHEESE ~ pistachios | hay smoked onions | verjus raisins | bruleed goat cheese | alliums

Headcheese is a terrine or meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig, or less commonly a sheep or cow, and often set in aspic.

This was probably the best version I have had, I love offal but if you did not tell someone who would not normally eat this they would love it.


GRILLED OCOTOPUS ~ ajoblanco | lemon ricotta | agnolotti | etrog citron confiture | pearl onions | sorrel

Perfectly charred and so tender.


CURED SARDINES ~ cauliflower puree | cucumber | dill | kale sprouts | ikura | butter cream

I love fresh Sardines. I just left the Hospital earlier in the day and was told to watch my salt intake ..these and the headcheese f’d that up quickly. I’ll atone tomorrow.

On to mains.

Rib Eye

RIBEYE ~ sweet potato puree | broccoli rabe | mattock | pickled mustard seeds | bordelaise

I only got to try the bordelaise sauce but it was to die for, you could tell a lot of time and skill went into it. Also Ian who usually picks everything apart as a chef just sat there and ate.


VENISON ~ cocoa oats | verjus raisins | pearl onions | smoked turnip puree | juniper | malt glaze

post venison

The aftermath

Both these dishes were perfect examples of great ingredients prepared simply and perfectly.

So, while it is kind of (no it is) in BF nowhere Cork & Craft is worth checking out

Cork & Craft

16990 Via Tazon
San Diego, CA 92127





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