One Love Island Cuisine ~ Oceanside

So, this is my new jam, you have to drive to find good Jamaican food let alone great Jamaican food. So, we are lucky to have this place land in Oceanside.


If you not familiar with Jamaican food..just like any other true cultures food it is simple at heart. A meat a starch and a side. Ethiopian, Cuban, true Mexican it is all the same when broken down. It is what each culture does with those ingredients that make them distinct.


The signature dish of Jamaican food is Jerk Chicken, unfortunately you see jerk (insert protein here) at way to many places that have no idea.

These guys are the real deal; I will get into that in a bit.

The owners Sean and Cammal Walker are beautiful people. I can spot the fakes a mile away, been too long in the game.

OK, enough of me spouting on to the food.

Jerk chicken

Jerk Chicken ~ Rice, Mango Salsa

Ok, they kill that Jerk chicken…tender, juicy and a building heat. See that little container?scotch bonnet hot sauce. It is easy to bring heat; it is harder to bring heat and that kind of flavor. This would be my new srirchaha if they sold it by the bottle.

The mango salsa is just fresh cut mango, tomatoes, and herbs. It is brilliant because it cuts the heat.

and now

ox tail

OX Tail they also serve a goat curry both are excellent. I could go on and on but or fast casual just go here. Its something different it is authentic and it is good.

Total bonus they are at the Thursday Sunset Market.

One Love Island Cuisine

4225 Oceanside Blvd Suite K

Oceanside, Ca


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