Texas Wine & Spirits ~Carlsbad

Today I wanted to veer from my usual posts on great places to drink beer in north county and shed some light on one of the best places to buy beer. Texas Wine & Spirits is true gem in downtown Carlsbad. This is my absolute go-to whenever I need to get beer for a party, camping, or just to drink by myself at home… Texas is an absolute Disneyland for the beer love, I can always find something new that I’ve never had before. Basically, anytime I walk in here I expect to spend at least 20 minutes staring at their wide selection and spending far too much money, but man is it worth it.


Though this store does carry liquor and wine also, this is an image just of their  beer selection. This doesn’t even cover it. Over the years I have gotten to know the owners a bit and they guarantee that at any given time their selection includes over 1000 different beers from all over the world.


More beer…

Now, I can admit that walking into this can be a little intimidating if you have no idea what you are looking for. Luckily, their selection is vaguely organized by categories and styles, including local breweries, Belgian styles, etc. I will admit though, half of the reason it takes me so long to choose beer here is because it is mildly overstimulating. I want to try them all. Maybe that is their goal….


and still more…

Regardless, they are organized by brewery and they carry a beyond fantastic selection. You will be able to find your go-to brews that you know you love, as well as some absolutely splurge-worthy releases from, say, The Bruery….


The Bruery bottles

To add some icing to that beer cake, the owners of Texas are wonderful, friendly, and extremely helpful. They always try to make sure you can find what you’re after, and are willing to do some research if they don’t carry what you are looking for. Additionally, when speaking to him about this post he let me know that they can also provide alcohol for events such as wedding and parties. I know I would be one happy guest at a wedding with this quality of beer 🙂

The moral of this story is if you want to buy good beer, go here.

Texas Wine & Spirits

945 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

(760) 729-1836

Words and Photos by Katie Cobb

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