The Whet Noodle ~ Oceanside

So, this is just a tease it was a night out with people I care about (OH, I rhyed). The basics are Davin Waite one of the most talented people I know and a true friend took over the space next door to his restaurant Wrench and Rodent and has started a Ramen concept. I was invited to the soft opening night and rallied the troops.


Left to right ~ Jolee Pink and her husband Larry both talented artists and all around great people, Annalise and her father George Brolaski…Annalise is one of the most talented chefs I know and I hope gets back into the game:) and Christine Owner / Chef of Petite Madeline.

Ok, the menu pretty straight forward. Talking to Davin it will grow in time but it is great because flexible.



Cucumber Salad


Duck Ramen, Duck Shoyu broth. Huge portions.

Again a great night with friends…I would highly recommend going …I will be dragging people there.

Thanks, again for the support . I have kinda been on the down low with the holidays, friends and trying to have a social life but it is never not appreciated.

Oh, by the way casual and family friendly.

The Whet Noodle
1813 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

b/t Kelly St & Cassidy St



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