Privateer Expands with Market Concept and other Oceanside news

The Pivateer, 1706 S. Coast Highway, is expanding operations into the adjacent space. The venture will be called “Privateer Market” (working title) and sell, artisan charcuterie, cheese, wine, and beer for take home. It will also have a wine bar.

This is exciting with in the last 6 or 7 months we have seen “founders” of the Oceanside food movement expand. The Flying Pig opened their second location, Wrench and Rodent just opened The Whet Noodle, and now Privateer is expanding. Rumor has it LTH and TBG are about to grow. This shows not only can you have a successful unique restaurant in Oceanside, the market supports their growth.


Privateer Market


Inside glimpse

Right next door to the privateer Bull Taco will be going to their new home. I overheard it is going to be more of a restaurant setting rather than fast casual.


Future Bull Taco (Chez Bull Taco?) totally not being called that:)


Downtown Knockout Pizza AKA Flippin Pizza is moving into the Santino’s spot, next to the Regal cinema.

Let the games begin!

Knockout Pizza





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