Peace Pies ~Encinitas

Peace Pies, 133 Daphne St Encinitas, is a raw, organic, gluten free cafe tucked away off the Coast Highway in Encinitas right behind Mozy’s.

peace ext

A little hard to find just look for Mozy’s and turn on Daphne its on the immediate left.

peace garden

Nice out door garden area.

peace int

Simple nice interior

peace app

Mediterranean Sampler ~ Sprouted Almond, Pea, and Lentil Falafel, Cucumber Dill Sauce, Cashew Hummas, Cucumber, Tomatoes, and dried Olives.

The Falafel is kind of dry so you need the sauces. The Cashew hummas is to die for and believe available as a side.

peace main

Mystical Mushroom Quesadilla ~ Red Bell Pepper tortilla, Cheez, “Sauteed” Mushrooms, onions, Tomatoes, Greens, Guacamole, and you can add walnut Meat. Which I did. Cheezy Kale Chips.

Again nothing is cooked. This was really good, kind of sweet, I would of liked some spice from some raw peppers or something. Also very filling.

I am a hard core carnivore but I love my veggies and was really excited to try this place. The pricing is a little high but two people could of split what I ate and have a great lunch.

Peace Pies

133 daphne

Encinitas, CA

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