Barrel Harbor Brewing Company

Friday night I headed over to pay a visit to Barrel Harbor, a fantastic brewery in Vista. This is an awesome spot to spend a weekend night, complete with live music, board games (jenga, aka the best), the PureBurger food truck (because what else do you want when drinking beer?) and a staff of friendly bartenders.


Tim- one of the bartenders (and I believe the owner???)

I have had many of their beers but tonight was featuring a cask beer that I just had to try…and it was great.


For those that are unfamiliar with casks, it is an unfiltered  beer that is served directly from the container which it was fermented in. In this case it was their standard Fenris IPA with the addition of these other ingredients. It was just spicy enough to give your throat a little tingle, but not so spicy that you can’t handle a pint (cough cough, habanero sculpin). The ginger and orange also helped to sweeten the beer a little. I felt like it would pare wonderfully with some sushi 🙂

Aside from this beer I also had a couple others from their menu


Barrel Harbor beer menu part 1


Barrel Harbor beer menu part 2

The Thunderclap Russian Imperial Stout is probably one of my favorite beers of the past couple of months. I have had it numerous times and every time I have it I am re-enlightened as to how stinking good this beer is. It is heavy, chocolaty, with hints of plum or stone fruit. It is like a meal and dessert all at once.

I also tried their blend of the week, called The Dirty Redhead. It was a blend of their Red ale with their Blunderbus Belgian Blonde. I’m not sure what the proportions were exactly. This beer tasted like their blonde (a little floral, a little sweet, light and refreshing), but with a hoppier with a caramel flavor. I actually liked this a little less than their blonde by itself, but it is always interesting to try blends when breweries do them. I think it is awesome to keep the creativity alive and blending is a great way to do that.


Frequent drinker mugs

Another thing that makes this brewery awesome is the community it has and supports. Customers can purchase these sickass mugs for $50 and receive a discount each time they bring them in to use them there. Also, they are more ounces than the typical pint glass so over time it is definitely more  bang for your buck. Just another awesome way to build a loyal customer base (not that they need help with that at all).

Overall this is an awesome brewery in the heart the brewery center of vista. They have great beer, an awesome logo, and the people there make it a great place to spend your time.

Go there. Drink there.


Barrel Harbor tasting room…kind of?

Barrel Harbor Brewing Co.


2575 Pioneer Ave #104‎
Vista, CA 92081

Words and Pictures by Katie Cobb

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