I Love A Great Happy Hour ~ Solace & The Moonlight Lounge

So, I was down in Encinitas on business and killing time before my friend was picking me up for dinner at his house. I was hungry but did not a full meal because that would be rude. Light bulb moment “Oysters” not too filling and great.

I thought Solace and The Moonlight Lounge…lets see if there is a happy hour..oh yeah there is.

First off the staff was on point. It was kinda slow (which is when people start slacking) not these guys engaged on top of things and friendly.


Oysters $1 each and quality Oysters, served at the right temp. and delicious.




May “The Dude” look over you


Round two



Also Tuesday is Taco Tuesday gourmet tacos for $4

Matt Gordon has had to close 1 restaurant and sell a 2nd. His food is legit,, his ethic 100% on track, so go support him and his staff. Nuff Said.

Solace & Moonlight Lounge

25 East E Street, Encinitas


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