New Concept Coming ~ The Blue Martian ~ Luecadia

The Blue Martian Lounge. Watch out North County! I am really excited about this project and what Bill Keokosky is doing in Leucadia. I was fortunate enough to walk the space and go over the concept and build out. Plus he had me at “Blue Martian”



“…Think Moulin Rouge meets Good Fellas meets Twin Peaks in a Wyoming hunting
lodge.” Bill says. “…Intoxicating ambience at conversational levels!”



Bill is passionate about elevating our North County evenings to a never
experienced height by marrying Ambiance, food, and drink in a richer
almost emotional experience that does not currently exist.


“ We are better together than we are by our selves, right?” He says “…and I just
want to create an environment that nourishes and fosters social connections,
promotes community… and happens to be sophisticated, enchanting, and fun in
the process!”



Although still completing their funding (attention investors!) they do have a
space in Leucadia, have begun construction and are very well organized.

It is important to Bill that the community be involved in the entire process, so from day one he has documented his efforts and solicited feedback in person and on social media. You can see the whole story on Facebook here.

The importance he puts on community from including and involving the local neighborhood to be part of and embrace the project to the idea of the space itself being a communal spot is what has got me so excited about the project.


Community Night

“ I was a little worried” He said “I was expecting maybe 6 people including
myself to show up. When we got 250 I knew it was resonating.”


board (1)

Communal Idea Wall

Everyone who showed up was asked to write an idea on the chalk board I
painted on the wall so they could have a say and contribution.

I love this, some of the ideas did not fit, but getting people to have a voice is a great thing and brings a feeling of investment.


This is a project well worth getting behind and if you or anyone you know is
interested please contact Bill Keokosky
at 858-736-8783, email him at or visit the
website at

I for one will be getting behind Blue martian lounge with , it is not a night club it really is an elevated communal lounge with seasonal food and drinks. I can not wait for opening night. Part of our mission at North County Food is support the community, not only the restaurant community, but the local community overall, So I get excited about this kind of project because it “ticks both boxes”.

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