Golden Coast Mead ~ Oceanside

Hey there everyone. Today I am going to highlight Golden Coast Mead, Oceanside’s own and only meadery (that I know of anyway πŸ™‚ ). They have two tasting rooms right now, one in Julian and the Other in Oceanside. The Oceanside location, however, is where the magic happens. Their tasting room is hidden in some warehouse space near the College Blvd. and Oceanside Blvd. intersection. Once you find it you will be so stinkin’ happy that you did.


Each time I visit it seems they have changed the space around a bit to accommodate more people, which is awesome, because that means they keep gaining popularity. In fact, I have been here a number of times and each time there is a wider selection of meads with more creative ingredients. It is always wonderful to try to all the new stuff they have.

Reasons you should drink mead:

  1. It is the oldest of fermented beverages, like known to humanity, thus it is pretty much a human requirement.
  2. It is unique- now, I will be the first to admit I don’t always love mead. But I do love the idea of it and appreciate what it is. Most of the time I find it is on the too sweet side for me. However, Golden Coast continues to blow my mind with sour meads, hopped meads, dry meads, and many others that I can actually handle large pours of. They have truly broadened my horizons.
  3. Because these guys are just so dang wonderful. The guys that work for Golden Coast are welcoming, passionate, and always so excited to talk about the new cool shit their doing with their honey. It’s hard not to be equally excited about it.


So now let’s talk about what I drank…

As you can tell, we all did some flights so we could try literally everything they had. Also, the guys were wonderful and brought out some things that weren’t on the menu for us to sample as well.

Coffee Mead:Β This is a meade brewed with dark roast coffee and it was oh so delicious. Probably my favorite one. It was mildly sweet and the smoky roast of the coffee was the perfect balance. The coffee taste appears more on the back end so that the sweet honey flavor doesn’t linger and has a clean finish. Delightful.

Viking Tears:Β This mead was my second favorite of the day. It is a mead fermented with french oak chips and lacto. This gives the mead also a drier, and a little bit tart flavor. However it remains very light on the palate. One thing I am always impressed with these guys is none of their meads are syrupy as I have found with other meaderies. This one was almost like a more flavorful champagne. So good.

Galley Grog: This mead was not my favorite, but it was the favorite of my friends. The reason for this is simply that it has a distinct scotch taste to it, which I can 100% appreciate, it’s just not my thing. This mead is super unique though. It is a limited release, only available in bottles. They made it from a rain forest honey which was very dark in complexion and had a very unique flavor profile. The result of this turned this mead into a toffee, scotch-like alcohol that was so smooth. If I had to drink something that tastes like scotch, I would definitely choose this. It was a great mead for anyone that wants to try it.


Some of their award winning meads πŸ™‚


As per usual, I enjoyed everything about my experience at Golden Coast. The staff, the experience of trying new meads, the ambiance. You should definitely make your way to their tasting room some time.

Also, they have a tasting room in Julian as well if you’re ever up there. both are 100% worth your time.

Golden Coast Mead

4089 Oceanside Blvd, Suite H
Oceanside, CA 92056


Words and Photos by: Katie Cobb

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