Mussel Crawl Round 1 ~ Solace and Moonlight Lounge ~ Encinitas

So, this will be a five part review of five offerings of Mussels from five different restaurants in North County. It will then be recapped in order of my personal preference …and it is just that personal preference.

To kick it off Solace and moonlight lounge in Encinitas.


Steamed Black Mussels, Smoked Tomato Butter, Grilled Baguette, Fresh Herbs

Mussels were on point (as is all their seafood), Solid dish wished for a little more “kick” or flavor from the broth but a good starting point.

Cheese Board

nothing to do with mussels but they have a great cheese board as well….maybe that will be my next thing.

Solace and Moonlight Lounge

25 East E Street


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