O’Side Sports Bar and Grill

Food, Fun, Girls, BBQ and Pool…what is not to love?

O'side bar


So, the Super Bowl kinda Sucked…it did suck:) But I still had the most fun in a long Time. I want to say Thank you to Chris, his two sisters, girlfriend, Dad and buddy for making it a great night. Also thanks to the establishment…and we have not even hit on the food.




More Pool:)



So, getitwhilehot out of Temecula did a whole Roast Pig and brought other goodies in cluding a great Coleslaw and Potato…and we are not even talking the private hush hush Tri Tip with a smoke ring that would bring tears to eyes of most Chefs.



So, We specialize in traditional BBQ, and specialty requests. We also specialize in comfort foods from the West Indies. Our smoker travels all over Southern California. Book us today!


Bar Tender Chris’s two little sisters …both who could kick the shit out of me 🙂 and probably you too:)



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