Cyclops Farms & North County Food Farm Event Space

So, may not look like much, yet, but everything is in place for this to take off. Construction should be done by next week. Equipment is ready to go in. It will be a Farm to Table event space at the top of Cyclops Farms over looking the Oceanside coast and ocean. We will rotate Chef Pop ups through on a monthly basis in the future. There will be a covered kitchen area with a professional outdoor grill where chefs can prepare meals featuring vegetables straight from the farm.

The project is a joint venture between Cyclops Farms and North County Food.

  • Disclaimer “It is not a restaurant it is a communal gathering space where the best  local Chefs, Farmers and like minded people can enjoy each others company”

Cyclops Farm Stand

View from the farms entrance next to the farm stand.

Cyclops Farm Stand 2

Blow up look.



The View from said space.

view 2


Farm Stand and Farmer Luke Girling …Cyclops is a fully certified organic farm.

Cyclops Farms

1448 Avocodo Road

Oceanside, Ca

Farm stand Thursdays 12:00 – 4:30 and Saturdays 8 – 12:30..see link for hours via the facebook page as they may change a little seasonally.

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