SD Beer Works

As we all know, weekends bring beer adventures. This past Sunday I was able to FINALLY hit one of the spots that has been on my list for a long time. SD Beer Works. This place is a lovely little bottle shop in Solana Beach, tucked into a little shopping mall off of Coast Highway (also very close to Culture if you feel like making another trip).


Entrance to SD Beer Works

A couple of reasons I have been wanting to make it to this place is because 1. They have a fantastic bottle selection. Their bottle range from local San Diego breweries, to California, to national and even imports from all over the world. They are organized nicely by style and offer a great opportunity to try some new styles.


And 2. They constantly feature different San Diego breweries, offering customers an opportunity to try a flight from a brewery that may be located in San Diego and is not as easy to get to their tasting room. That was the case for me this week and SD Beer Works was offering a great selection of beers from Intergalactic Brewing (along with many others).


From draft they allow you to get a number of different size pours (they have a build-your-own-flight) that is $5.50 for 2 5oz tasters, which I think is a great deal and offers drinkers the chance to try a numbers of beers.

My selection included The Cake is a Lie, which is a coffee cream ale. I have to say that I have tried a number of blonde/lighter ales brewed with coffee lately and I. love. it. This beer was smooth and creamy with a vanilla-coffee flavor. It kind of seems like cold brew to me in comparison to the typical coffee stout, which tend to have much heavier, dark roasted mouth feels to them. This was a beer that I would like to drink all day long while strolling the sunny warm towns of north county.

I also tried the Space Oasis Coconut Porter, a sweet, smooth beer, and the Red Shirt #35, which is an IPA brewed with pineapple and cucumber. This IPA was particularly unique because the cucumber flavor was actually pretty distinct. I felt this made the beer very refreshing and a little fancy. Like cucumber water at spas or country clubs or wherever people actually drink cucumber water. Crisp, hoppy, and refreshing.

Lastly, I had to have some Campfire Stout on Nitro. This beer, by High Water Brewing out of Chico, is just one of my favorites. Always. I have had it so many times and I love it, and it is delicious, and they had it on nitro, so I just had to. This just shows the wide range of beers that SD Beer Works features. They have a good number of creative, rare beers, as well as the classics that we all love.


Lastly, SD Beer Works offers a list of small bar bites, such as pretzels, corn nuts, charcuterie, etc., but they also allow you to bring your own food. I highly recommend stopping at the sunset market across Hwy 101, and making a picnic to bring over.

So overall I give SD Beer Works an A for providing the good people of Solana Beach with great beer from everywhere else (but mainly San Diego, because, you know, drink local 😉 ).

Go there. Drink there.

SD Beer Works

437 S. Highway 101, Suite 107
Solana Beach, CA 92075



Words and Photos by Katie Cobb

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