Door Dash Restaurant Delivery Service ~ Expands into Carlsbad

So, having lived in, or visited for lengthy stays, in major cities like New York, Seattle, Chicago, London and even Las Vegas, one of the nice things I enjoyed while there was the ability to have any style of food delivered to you. Want to stay in and binge watch a season of TV and not get dressed and go grab food? No problem just grab your phone and sushi is inbound.

With the exception of Downtown San Diego (and even there options were limited) we have not had that opportunity in North County before, outside of Pizza and some Chinese food.

Recently, restaurant delivery companies have been starting up (literally, most of them were crowd funded as start-ups). One such company is Door Dash. Having recently expanded to Encinitas, they have now moved into Carlsbad with their service. The reason I like them vs other services is their pricing and scope of restaurant selection. Here is a little about them because it saves me typing….

DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service that connects customers with local businesses. Through the DoorDash marketplace, people can purchase goods from local merchants and have them delivered in less than 45 minutes – thanks to our revolutionary logistics technology.

Founded in 2013 in a dorm room at Stanford, DoorDash began with a mission to empower local economies in a connected world. By building the on-demand delivery infrastructure for local cities, we’re bringing communities closer, one doorstep at a time.

We have been operating in San Diego since July, and now operate from Downtown up to Carlsbad.  There are 1000s of restaurants on the platform, and you can usually find anywhere between 50 to 150 that delivery to your office or residence.


As part of supporting the restaurant community in North County, I believe this is great. It is another way to drive business to local restaurants via delivery service. They are also hiring drivers,so it helps the local economy two ways. I hope with the success they are likely to achieve in Carlsbad they expand to Oceanside in the near future.

Their list of restaurants for delivery is pretty impressive…check them out at

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