Sushi 4 Reel ~ Oceanside

So, sushi is a hard one..I am spoiled with Davin and Wrench and Rodent and if I want traditional Kaito in Encinitas. Yet that being said this place has been getting raves …so I checked it out and glad I did.


Sushi 4 Reel is in a strip mall in between Oceanside and Vista surrounded great Pho and Mexican food and deserves to be checked out.

The first thing with Sushi is the fish obviously, so I started with two of my favorites Albacore and mackerel and they word fresh..again I have high standards and they delivered.

Reel Sushi Nigiri

Albacore and Aji Sushi 4 Reel

I am not a roll person but the Onion Blast Roll delivered (Inside Yellow Tail and green onions..Out side Yellow Tail, fried onions, avocado and spicy mayo) ..also a lot places skimp on the middle of the roll not these guys.

Reel Sushi roll

Reel Sushi roll inside

The staff was spot on and the owner / Chef Joohan was involved and cared ..that is all I ask for:)

Also on to the space..I loved the art and vibe it is a small place the sushi bar has 5 seats and the restaurant seats maybe 20ish ?

Reel Sushi Art

Reel Sushi Art 2

So my advice check it out split a roll ..they are huge and order some Nigiri:)

Sushi 4 Reel

4750 Oceanside Blvd

Oceanside, CA 92056


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