Marketing Club ~ North County

Marketing Club is the brain child of Thanh Thanh (Ton Ton) of Banana Dang! Coffee in Oceanside. It is a free monthly think tank aimed at small business professionals to learn and share marketing strategies for their business’. I have been around from the inception (logo was my idea) but understand Ton Ton is the Jedi, I am the Padawan. (Yep I’m a nerd)

It is now in it 5th or 6th session. We have covered a range of topics from “Marketing Your Personality” to “Guerrilla Marketing”. The core group is composed of people with different backgrounds but experts in their area.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their marketing strategies for their business. It is a round table discussion centered on a monthly topic. It is also a great source for networking with other business owners as well. Plus you can not beat the cost…free.

mkt clb logo

Marketing Club meets last Tuesday of every month. Our club is composed of a network of people passionate about their brand values and united in the pursuit of a more connected existence with their audience.

 Be part of the Club!

Don’t miss out on vital information to help supercharge your marketing, as well as other aspects in your branding strategy. For more info contact

 Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 26 @ 2pm (at Banana Dang Coffee)

Next Topic: How to Look Better Online. Visual Based Marketing and photography discussion led by Aaron Gobidas of GoBeRewarded


Tyler Durden approved!

Banana Dang!

115 South Coast Highway

Oceanside, CA

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