Coastal Coffee Connection ~ Oceanside

Coastal Coffee Connection opened April first downtown at 401 N. Coast Highway Suite E in Oceanside. They are a localy owned shop and a great addition to the growing craft coffee scene in our city.


I have gained more knowledge in the last year about coffee and what goes into it. The bean is only the beginning. How the bean is roasted and even down to the water temperature used to brew it as well as the machine itself all have an effect. Two of the exact same beans put into different people’s hands can have two different outcomes. It parallels a lot with grapes and wine making with the added dimension of the person making and serving the coffee has just as much impact as the product itself.

I went in with this knowledge and an attitude of “Show me what you got”. After talking to their Head Barista, learning where they acquire their beans, and tasting…they know what they are doing and serve a great coffee. The beans utilized come from Vaneli’s Coffee out of Sacramento and they offer an array of styles for brewing.

If you are not familiar with the space it is beautiful. The whole store front consists of floor to ceiling windows with the interior boasting 18′ an high ceiling (that is a guess but pretty close). They have done a great job making such a large and open space still feel warm and inviting.

coastal exterior


Vaneli’s Beans

In addition to coffee and teas they also serve an array of food items ranging from breakfast items to salads and sandwiches.


Southwest Turkey, Spicy Avocado, green chiles, pepper jack cheese with spicy mayo sauce

I really liked this sandwich. the bread was perfectly toasted and it had a nice balance of flavors. I had mine sans the avocado as I was told the ones they got in that day were not up to their standard…which I appreciate.

as said the space is huge and will only grow once they utilize the outdoor patio. They plan in the future to feature local artists and musicians (which NCF always supports).

So, if you are in downtown stop by, check them out, and welcome them to the neighborhood. They are currently closed Mondays and open Tuesdays through Fridays 7 to 3 Saturdays and Sundays 8 to 4.

Coastal Coffee Connection

401 N. Coast Highway





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