Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill~ Vista

So, Vista’s continually expanding culinary scene has just added another heavy hitter in the recently opened Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill. The Vista outpost of The Flying Pig has already proven a hit for the area and I am positive Belching Beaver is going follow suit. While close geographically, they are far enough away in concept, feel and cuisine to both thrive.

It is “All About The Beaver”…hey that is their logo get your minds out of the gutter.

bb logo

Like the aforementioned Flying Pig both spaces were previously Banks.



BB Exterior

After (yeah it would have been cool to shoot the same angle but the before pic is stock after the fact.)

The restaurant is large with a capacity over 300. It features a small front patio area, a main dinning room, bar and a rear out-door patio featuring a second bar, Adirondack style seating, and fire pits.

bb Outddor Patio

The rear patio area is both kid and dog friendly.

bb Outddor Patio bar

The patio bar features exclusively Belching Beaver beers and a paired down “bar menu”

bb Miso honey

Like their “Miso Honey” pale wheat ale.

The indoor bar is a bit larger:) featuring 60 beers on tap.

bb bar 1

bb bar 2.jpg

bb bar 3

Both bars run the digital keg systems that monitor the amount left in each keg as well as displaying ABV and other info on each beer.

In addition to the extensive beer program they have a wine vault.

bb wine vault 1

No, it is literally a vault repurposed from the original bank’s vault.

bb wine cellar 2

bb wine cellar 3

bb wine cellar 4

Possible future use for private wine tastings. The table is made from the bank’s safety deposit boxes.

bb dining area

The dining area is large and open and “gasp” Edison light free.

“What about the food?”…I was getting there.

bb Turnipsbb Turnips 2

Roasted Parsnips With A Touch Of Milk Stout ~ Parsnips braised in milk stout with beet and onion Jam.

The parsnips were fork tender and seasoned perfectly. The beet jam was really nice, sweet but not too sweet.

bb fish_bb fish close up

Banana Leaf Steamed White Fish ~ Samjang and miso coated white fish, kimchee style slaw, and brown rice.

Beautifully plated and tasting dish. The Samjang gave the fish a salmon appearance. The fish was steamed to perfection and I really liked the addition of the kimchee slaw. I thought the slaw could have used a little more kick heat wise but I understand because the fish is so delicate.


The man Chef Ramiro Guerra, both talented and nice.

bb kegs

The engine room of the tap program…got beer?

bb line.jpg

The line.

bb pass

The pass.

The kitchen is pretty big by standards but no Chef will ever be happy with the size of their kitchen, just like no retail manager will ever be happy with the size of their stock room.

So, there you go. I highly recommend checking them out. Though they just opened the food was perfect and the staff knowledgeable and on point.

Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill

302 E. Broadway

Vista, CA




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