Some Stuff I Saw & Ate Today ~ Oceanside and Encinitas

So, while I put the finishing touches on the 608 post  (It will be up tomorrow morning).

Here is some stuff I saw and ate today. I know riveting right? It did happen though.

eggs benny

Maui Benny ~ Poached eggs, smoked chicken, vegetables, pineapple, and rice.

Started my day with this and it was delicious.@Petite Madeline

Later after the 608 opening ceremony (I said it’s coming) I walked from Leucadia Blvd all the way to downtown Encinitas. Along the way I saw some things.


Moto Deli Sandwich Co. is closer to opening (and by closer is I mean they put up a big black wall) Sandwiches, Salads, Craft Beer.


Bread & Barley is opening a second location in Leucadia …They have one now in West Covina. I would say Gastropub for lack of a better word.


The Taco Stand is getting ready to open a location across from the Whole Foods plaza on the 101 in Encinitas. They have had a La Jolla location since 2013 and are opening two more this year. Traditional mexican tacos on handmade tortillas. Take a look at their website landing page they look like the in and out of mexican food (They will probably not like that its just not the best pic)


Salmon, asparagus, smoked roe, pea puree @Solace and Moonlight Lounge.

This was yummy . I forgot to take a pic of the dozen oysters I started with. $1 each during happy hour.

OH, I did come across this new Vegan place called Eve in Encinitas which I am really really excited about. Met one of the owners briefly before I had to catch my train. going back Friday. It is really cool.

Not the most interesting post but i just have my camera all the time and need to do something with the pics.

608 post will be up tomorrow have a good night:)

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