Eve ~ Encinitas

So, I stumbled upon Eve in Encinitas by complete accident. While I usually take E street to get to the train depot in Encinitas, I decided to walk down to D street this time. I walked by Eve and did a double take. Though it has been a month or so since I had been in Encinitas I knew they were not there previously. I walked in and inquired about them. After talking to Scott Steele (Managing Partner) about what they were doing with the space, I got really excited and made plans to return.

eve ext

What caught my eye. Eve Encinitas

Eve is an all Vegan restaurant and juice bar. Though it is so much more which I will explain later.

The interior has a great feel to it. A lot of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Holistic places try to create a matching “Vibe” Eve actually does this in my opinion.

eve int 1

The interior is open and calming. They also sell bottled pressed Juices to go.

eve int 2

More of the interior.

eve int touches 1

int touches 2

Some nice touches

eve int 3

Counter service at eve.

eve menu

The Eve menu. It is basically broken down into bowls, salads, and entrees. They also serve smoothies and rotate 3 Kombuchas on tap provided by Oceansides Living Tea (Yay).

Again Eve is all Vegan and while I am a big meat-eater I love all food. So, I dove in….

eve bowl

Machu Picchu Bowl ~ Red quinoa, Peruvian purple potatoes, white beans, pickled beets, Peruvian Corn, wakame chuka, Peruvian Pichuberries, red Aji sauce

This had so many flavors working together it was great. I love Peruvian corn, Pichuberries, and Aji sauce. I love a lot of things Peruvian actually (note need to go back to Panca).

The two things in the back of the bowl that look like they are wrapped in paper are these…

inca berry

Pichuberries (also known as Inca Berries). They are so good, I need to hit up one of my Chef friends and see if they can tag some on to their Specialty Produce order. Think Kumquat meets grape.

jack fruit tacos

Jack Fruit Tacos & Side Salad ~ Roasted spicy organic Jack Fruit, black beans, cabbage slaw, roasted corn, cashew sauce, Peruvian Aji sauce, cilantro.

These were really tasty, the roasted Jack Fruit was meaty and a perfect base for the tacos. The side salad, which is usually a throw away was really good as well and I loved the dressing.

This is the Jack Fruit. It is part of the Mulberry and Bread Fruit family. It is fibrous and tastes like a cross between a mango and an apple, When you grill it takes on more of a sweet squash taste IMO.


Earlier I mentioned “and more” the and more comes in with the back room, by back room I mean a basketball court sized dance style studio where they hold tons of cool weekly and monthly events. Dance parties, Musicians, Guest Speakers, Artists, Sunday brunch and Yoga. You can keep up with them on their Facebook page.

eve performance space

About 2/3 of the space.

I really enjoyed my meal especially the inclusion of a lot of Peruvian Fruits and Vegetables. Whether you’re looking for good Vegan food or just something good to eat I would check them out. A lunch for 2 with drinks would run about $40 and it is a lot of food.

Eve Encinitas

575 South Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, CA


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