Cancun’s Mexican Food ~ Leucadia

Gas, Big Gulps, and great Mexican food:)


This makes me happy do not know why it just does.

So, understand these are the places I live for. What comes to mind is Flying Pig BBQ in Vista and the best tri-tip ever at a gas station only on the weekends in Paso Robles.


Do not be miss led these guys put out great Mexican Food a step up or more of anything ending in bertos.

What I had…


Shrimp Diablo ~ do I really need to list ingredients?

So, I just ordered shrimp at a Mexican restaurant connected to a gas station…guess what it was great. I made two shrimp tacos with the corn tortillas provided and ate the rest as served. The shrimp were cooked perfectly BTW.

Never judge a book by the cover.

They have a huge menu…name a taco or burrito …done.

Cancun Mexican & Seafood

1766 North Coast Highway

Encinitas, CA

I know it says Encinitas but it is Leucadia damit:)

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