Coffee Trail Encinitas to Oceanside

So, this has been something I have been planning for a while, finally got it done.

OK, so if your favorite coffee place is not on this list it does not mean they suck, they are just not up to the standard these guys are.

Coffee is a funny thing it comes down to the Barista, the machine and water temp. You can give a Chef truffles and a dry aged steak and if he / she does not know what they are doing they can still f’ it up.Same with coffee

OK, disclaimer done.



Better Buzz Coffee ~ Encinitas

A local chain but a damn good local chain. always packed and they make a good cup of coffee.


Iron Smith Coffee ~ Encinitas

These guys are the real deal. Small place blink and you will miss it. Straight up minimal menu but great coffee. Also roasters.


Lofty Coffee ~ Encinitas

This is the best coffee in San Diego hands down. If I do not even want coffee and I am near this place I go here. They have a roasting facility right across the street.They also have a pastry Chef on site. If you have not been here and you think you know about coffee….you do not know about coffee. Go back to your  Frappuccino.


Had to include Pannikin just because it is a staple. They roast their own beans and it is in a historic old train station building. Great for bringing out-of-town friends.

OK, So Carlsbad get your act together you have no note worthy coffee on the coast. The only one worth mentioning is Copa Vida which is off the beaten path. Worth checking out.

copa vida

Copa Vida

Back in Oceanside



Revolution Roasters ~ Oceanside

Glad these guys chose Oceanside for their first brick and mortar store. They provide beans for a lot of the coffee shops on this list as well as many others. Wish they had not put it next to Captain’s Helm but more on that in a second. Great Coffee.


Captains Grounds ~ Oceanside

Used to be just a little cart like thing now has moved into Captain’s Helm (one of the best vintage stores IMO) Great coffee (San Diego Roasters) so right next store to Revolution.

There are a lot of politics here. I just want good coffee or Iced Tea, I see both sides so I’m out.



Coastal Coffee ~ Oceanside

Great location, great coffee out of Sacramento. They also do a mean Panini. The head barista knows what she is doing and they are supporting local artists and musicians.

last but not least…



Banana Dang! ~ Oceanside

After Lofty these guys are the shit. They bring love and passion into every cup. Disclaimer these guys are two of the most important people in my life but there is a reason for that and a lot of it is their passion for their business and each other.

Best pour over coffee in Oceanside for sure and up in the top ten in San Diego.

So, that is my list you can disagree but unless you pay my bills that is what I am sticking to:)

Also I want to call out 2 non coffee but great places…



Living Tea ~ Oceanside

We know them and love them (while at least I do) These guys are doing the right thing. Making a great product and the best attitude ever. Damn it I did not see the T Shirts till posting this picture. Another T-shirt I have to buy…I like representing local businesses and T Shirts.


Loose Leaf Tea Bar ~ Oceanside

Tea is my go to, I love coffee, but I LOVE Tea these guys are the real deal. Been there every morning.

So link time..

Iron Smith

Better Buzz

Lofty Coffee


Revolution Coffee

Captains’s Grounds

Coastal Coffee Connection 

Banana Dang!

Copa Vida

Living Tea Brewing Co.

Loose Leaf Tea Bar

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