Handel’s Ice Cream ~ Encinitas

So, this was a just a walk by discovery. I was doing this whole coffee trail thing which is coming up. But I saw these guys and was intrigued.


If you know me or follow me I am not a sweets / dessert person unless it kicks it ass. Yet I love Sorbets, sherbert,ices and the like.

I was like F it and went in and glad I did.

Handel’s  Encinitas opened a week and a half ago at the corner of Encinitas Blvd and Coast Highway. 90 North Highway 101.


45 flavors of handmade ice cream. They also do shakes, Sundays name it:)


I went with Black Cherry sherbert. look these guys are not paying me…this was the best sherbert I have ever had. Basically it comes down to the depth of flavor. I was also given a sample of the strawberry Sorbet…holy crap it was an explosion of Strawberries in your mouth.


Dudes (and I mean all the beautiful little princesses too it is just a term of respect) Go here bring your kids…Moonlight Beach is just a block away hit them up coming or going your kids will love you  or just go for your self you will not be disappointed.


The guy at the register is the owner …he is really nice and passionate that is all it takes to win me over:)


I should have bought a t-shirt ..next time because I will be back…are you kidding me Lofty Coffee and this in the same plaza that is a Sunday afternoon done Son. Iced Mocha and homemade Ice Cream are you kidding me.

Handel’s Ice Cream

90 North Highway 101, Encinitas


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