Midnight Jack Brewery ~ Oceanside

So, I was invited to check these guys out. They are right down the street from my house at 3801 Oceanic Drive, Oceanside. They just opened on March 25th. The grand opening is July 2nd and 3rd.

MJ logo

The brewer has been home brewing for 27 years and has won major awards, his grand father was a bootlegger in the 20’s and used to make midnight runs and earned the name “Midnight Jack”. God I love stories like that.


After talking with the brewer, I immediately loved his creativity. He reminded me a lot of the Brewer who ran the short lived Beer Brewing Co. behind Wrench and Rodent.

They have have 14 beers on tap 11 constant with 3 rotating taps “when its gone its gone some thing new is in” While I was there he was starting on a devil’s food cake beer.




It is a working tap-room nothing fancy and does not need to be.

While I am not a huge beer drinker I do have a palate and have talked in-depth with enough brewers to know who knows what they are doing and who is not…these guys are the real deal.


Left to right

Jack’s sassy Saison. I love Saisons and this was a great example of one

Tropiweizen. Really fruit forward, this would be great with spicy or BBQ dishes.

Amber Ale. Dark but not heavy

Russian Imperial Stout. Coffee best word to describe it, would be a great steak beer.

So they have food trucks and Thursday is trivia night, loads of fun.

Also here is the thing they overlook El Corazon Park and for the 4th of July have secured permission to have people set up in the parking lot to view the show. Come on Beer, food and fireworks without having to fight the crowd. Tickets are available on their site.

Midnight Jack Brewing Co.

3801 Oceanic Drive, Oceanside


Hey also North county food is looking for a beer writer. It pays crap but I do get invited to a lot of beer dinner which I would cover, also any beer events if relevent I would cover. You just have to be some what eloquent can take a decent picture and love beer. If you are interested contact me through the web site.

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