Panca Peruvian Cusine & Rotisserie ~ Oceanside Re-Visit

So, I have written about Panca before (here) and anyone who follows me or talks to me knows I am a huge fan of Chef Iolle’s food. A few weeks ago I did an article about Eve in Encinitas and had their Machu Picchu bowl which contained about 90% Peruvian ingredients. It reminded me of, one how much Peruvian food rocks, and two how I need to get back to Panca. Unfortunately I find my self in South Oceanside mainly on Mondays when they are closed. Today I found myself down there and even though hours earlier I had a great meal at Petite Madeline, I was at least going to have one of my favorite dishes.

Now, when people talk about Peruvian food in North County the name Q’ero comes up a lot. personally I think Panca is just as good if not better. (shhh..I think they are better.) Also a little less expensive.

Panca interior

Casual but nice interior.

Panca menu

Panca’s menu.

When they first opened the majority off the menu consisted of their delicious rotisserie chicken and sandwiches. overtime Chef Iolli brought in more Peruvian classics. In addition she started to bring in her own creations (like her Scallop WonTons). That is when this went from a good place to a great place.

Panca purple drank

Chicha Morada ~ Sweet, cool, purple fruit juice made from purple corn.

Panca Aji sahimi

Tiradito ~ Fresh Fish slices, Peruvian yellow pepper lime sauce, Rocoto, and Aji limo.

Think ceviche in a spicy pepper sauce. So good:).

If you have not tried them out I would go. If you have I would go back.

Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie

1902 South Coast Highway, Oceanside



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