Coming Soon ~ Carlsbad

The north end of State Street is starting to transform. Two promising looking businesses are moving into the 2700 block. Well three actually.

artist drawing

Artist rendition.


baba coffee

Good job on the render, pretty spot on.

Baba Coffee will also serve Teas and beer funny enough. Plus pastries, sandwiches and the like. Here is a description in their own words.

“Baba coffee bar is situated in the village of Carlsbad, a beautiful open air outpost for food and drink. We pull espresso shots, lattes, mochas, and make a rotating variety of drip coffees as individual pour overs. We also offer iced coffee, tea, a selection of pastries from the amazing VG’s donuts shop, and sandwiches, salads and an array of craft beers.”

The adjoined Carruth Cellars are an “Urban Winery” currently with a location in Solana Beach in the design district. They have great reviews online.

Campfire I have talked about before and my kid like giddiness for them to open. They are currently hiring front of house and back of house (line cooks, dishwashers and the like.) Hopefully they spend three or so weeks training and open mid August-ish. Here is the skinny from them.

“We are a live fire restaurant and cocktail bar focused on using local sustainable ingredients” Ok I had to piece that together for them but it’s their words.

Baba Coffee 2727 State St. Carlsbad (same for Carruth Cellars)

Campfire 2725 State St. Carlsbad.



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