Pillbox Tavern and Grill ~Solana Beach

I came across Pillbox Tavern and Grill and Chef Shelly at this year’s North Eats food festival. I tried her pulled pork and decided, while a little out of normal covering range, I really wanted to check them out. I jumped on the Coaster and headed down to Solana Beach.

Pillbox exterior and chef

Chef Shelly outside Pillbox Tavern and Grill

Pillbox, named for the beach it is located near, ( is about half the size of 608 or LTH). the exterior is in the design of a victorian style house and boasts a very light and airy interior. I was there on a beautiful day and still felt connected to the outside.

Pillbox interior

Pillbox’s interior.

The menu is a tavern menu but with lots of options. Also, Chef Shelly’s cooking gives everything a twist and elevates it.

I was mentioning the pulled pork is what brought me down here but they also have 13 kinds of wings.The styles run from Lemon Pepper dry rub on the mild side to Fire Island on the extra hot side.

I love wings, so I ordered a basket of 10 wings and spit it with two sauces.

Pillbox wings

Habanero BBQ (L) and Gangnam (R)

Habanero BBQ ~ Habanera sauce combined  with their house made with the Chefs BBQ sauce.

Gangnam ~ Spicy Asian mustard BBQ sauce.

Both were really good. The Habanero BBQ wings were not as spicy as I thought they would be, but still very good. I really liked the Gangnam wings with the spicy mustard sauce.

Pillbox pulled pork

Pulled Pork Sandwich ~ Slow roasted pulled pork, Chef’s BBQ sauce topped with coleslaw and an onion ring on a brioche bun.

This what I came for, the pork was moist and tender. The Chef’s BBQ sauce is great, it is a little more on the sweet side just for your info. More similar in style to Texas or Mississippi BBQ sauce.

Almost everything is made in-house. The service was spot on, they were full with a line waiting to come in while I was there and my glass was always refilled and food came out in a timely manner.

Another reason to check them out is you can go to one of the best-looking beaches in North County (IMO) a block and a half down the street.

Solana Beach_

Solana Beach  2

Solana Beach  3

Solana Beach  4

Pillbox Beach, Solana Beach

Pillbox Tavern and Grill

117 West Plaza Street

Solana Beach, CA



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