Poki Poki ~ Oceanside

Ok, so this restaurant spells their name Poki Poki. The dish is traditionally spelled Poke, so I will bounce back between the two spellings.

Poke is a huge trend right now with at least 6 new restaurants focused on it opening in San Diego  within the last 6 months. These restaurants range from the “build your own” style to more standard restaurant concepts.

Even though trending Poke has been around forever. The I Love Poke Fest, put on by Ono Yum, has been going for years and is one San Diego’s most popular food events.

Poke ,if you are unfamiliar, is a Hawaiian raw fish salad. Think Sashimi over rice or salad. The more modern variations add various ingredients and sauces.

Poki Poki opened about 3 months ago in Oceanside at 3480 Marron Rd.. I found out about them through Chef Beau Bohnham. He mentioned all his kitchen staff were talking about the place. I also have a friend on Facebook who loves them, her wife has a lot of dietary restrictions and it is one of the few places they can both eat.

As soon as I got a chance I grabbed a Chef friend and headed out.


Poki Poki is a fast casual restaurant serving poke bowls. You start your order at one end, Choose the size of the bowl you want, and start adding ingredients.

Poki Poki int 1

Starting point ~  size, white rice, brown rice, and type of fish.

Poki Poki int line

Working our way down the line.

Poki Poki int 2

Poki Poki int sign

More interior pics ( I took them might as well use them)

Poki Poki bowl 1

My friends Poke bowl. I have no Idea what she got..on to mine.

Poki Poki bowl 2

Large Poke Bowl ~1/2 salad, 1/2 rice, Yellow Tail, Salmon, spicy sauce,spicy mayo, everything added but wasabi.

I really like the 1/2 and 1/2 combo as a base. Fish was fresh (and were there around 5pm).

I really liked it, fresh and not too heavy. I had so much food earlier and still ate this all. The 2 bowls and the drinks came to a little over $20, not bad at all.

For a nice change-up to other fast casual options, I liked them and will go again.

Poki Poki 

3480 Marron Rd., Oceanside

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