Rooster Ramen ~ Encinitas

rooster ramen

Rooster Ramen is a Pop-Up Ramen restaurant that opens nightly inside the Bull Taco in Encinitas at 101 North Coast Highway 101. They start serving at 5:30 each evening alongside Bull Taco, though Bull Taco may only serve a limited menu after 5:30, not sure but I only saw burritos being eaten. So, either everyone wanted burritos or they have a limited menu.

They are a separate entity though because I paid on one POS for my Ramen, then ordered an Iced Tea and paid on Bull Tacos POS. Red Rooster Ramen does sell their own canned and bottled drinks. If you want something on tap you will have to pay separately. Not that this matters I just wanted to let you know, some people may get huffy and puffy over this….I hate those people, I was going to say secretly but I am pretty open about it:)

redrooster ext

 The only clue they are there.

Red rooster ramen kitchen

Burritos on the left, Ramen to the right.

Red rooster ramen interior

View from the patio, which is perfect for this time of year especially since they open late so the heat is gone and it is sunset time. I did not take a picture of the patio because it was crowded with families and women, who have no idea why I am taking pictures, I try not to creep people out. Plus you know what a patio looks like. Same as the inside but outside:)

The menu consists of a number of appetizers including Takoyaki, Goyza, and steamed buns.

Ramen comes two ways the house Tonkatsu, or build your own which offers three broths, miso, curry, or spicy sesame and a myriad of add-on choices.

What we had….

Ramen 1

Tonkatsu Ramen ~ Soft boiled egg, red ginger, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, Tonkatsu, scallion, nori, pork belly, garlic chips, and bamboo shoots, noodles.

I loved this. The egg, pork, and Tonkatsu were all cooked perfectly. The broth had a nice depth but was not over salty. Huge portion, by the way, I only got 3/4 of the way through this and I can eat.

Ramen 2

Curry Ramen ~ no idea what she added but pretty close to mine, minus the Tonkatsu.

My friend thought the curry broth was better than the standard broth I had. I do not know I did not get to try it….She was like a mother bear guarding a cub:), no I just did not ask, I was too concerned about getting through my bowl of Ramen.

I really enjoyed Red Rooster Ramen, cool pop-up concept, good food, and friendly service.

I would say I would go back but I already am, some friends saw a pic on my normal Facebook and want to go.

Rooster Ramen

101 North Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, Ca

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