Carlsbad Updates and News

So, went down to Carlsbad for lunch and to check in on a couple projects. I ended up finding more stuff popping up.

Went by Campfire on the 2700 block of State street to see where they were at and man…still a long way to go. Campfire will focus on locally sourced, sustainable food cooked over their 48″ open flamed grill. The location used to be an automotive shop and I heard oil contamination under the floor has set them back.


campfire exterior

Campfire Exterior

campfire int

Campfire Interior Work In Progress.

Next door to Campfire, Baba Coffee is poised to open soon. They are currently hiring Baristas and probably about 90% complete. Baba Coffee will serve an array of coffee drinks, pastries. salads,sandwiches, and oddly enough craft beers.

baba coffee exterior Baba Coffee Exterior


Baba Coffee Interior

Behind Baba Coffee Carruth Cellars has opened their tasting room. I actually checked them out and will write more about them in a stand alone post.

Baba Coffee

Walking around I saw Barrel Republic is building out their Third location mid-downtown on State street a few doors down from Vigilucci’s.

carlsbad barrel Republic

New Barrel Republic.

Most interesting is Peter Loyola who owns Succulent Cafe is expanding to Carlsbad with a much grander space at the end of state street. With the amount of space I would guess it will be more than just coffee and smoothies. The space is beautiful and once Peter gets done with it I am sure it will be another little Oasis.

succulent cafe ext 1

succulent cafe exterior 2

Three of the four exterior walls are made up of succulent planters. The exterior design has an almost Japanese tea garden feel to me.

succulent cafe intI’m sure the large interior will also feature a ton of plants and sculptures.

Yeah, so lots going on. Go go North County:)



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