Carruth Cellars Tasting Room ~ Carlsbad

Carruth Cellars is an Urban winery based in Solana beach’s Design District. They produce their wines using grapes harvested from northern and central California. Mainly Napa, Sonoma, and Paso Robles. Winemaker and owner Adam Carruth hails from north county, graduated from Carlsbad Highschool, and has been in the wine industry for 18 years.

Carruth opened their Carlsbad tasting room one week ago at 2727 State St. in Carlsbad. While at the Feast event, I heard nothing but good things about their wine from the likes of Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent, who carries 2 of their wines on his menu, and the ladies from So Rich Chocolates. While I was researching the status of the projects on the 2700 block of State st. I figured I would check them out.


The tasting room is located on the back portion of the building. This sign actually faces the rear alley parking lot of the building. To find it from the State street side, the front of the 2727 address is the soon to be open Baba Coffee, to the right is Campfire restaurant. There is a little walkway in between go down that and they are on the left just after Baba Coffee.


Nice simple industrial interior. Because they are storing wine it is nice and cool inside, a great respite from the heat right now. They have a 15 seat wine bar as well as the lounge area shown.

Want a so sad it’s funny fact? The Solana Beach tasting room has no seats because the ass hats of their city council decided if tasting rooms have seats people will get too drunk. How about you let businesses be responsible and manage their own customers?


Oooh wine.


They have about 15 wines by the glass or you can do a flight ( $2 off during happy hour). They also have a few “off the menu bottles” that if you’re nice the will pour for you. Their bottle pricing runs between $30 and $55 dollars, which is reasonable for the quality of the wine.

What stood out to me.

Their Sauvignon Blanc: 2015, Lake County, Clear Lake and the 2014 Russian river, Bacigalupi Chardonnay, were both great examples of clean crisp white wines that would pair perfectly with sushi, fish, or a light salad.

Though not a huge Pinot Noir fan the 2014, Russian River, Pinot Noir, is a great balanced medium red wine that you could pour with Salmon or non-game red meats, even pork.

I am a big Dessert wine and port person. Unfortunately, Dessert wines and Ports are either great or they suck (overly sweet and clingy ..yuck). In Carruth Cellars case their 2012,Syrah “Emily’s Port” leans towards the great category. though a younger Port, it is rich and complex. This screams for Chocolate or a Cheese plate to pair with it. Afterwards, I found out they have pre-made cheese plates from Vennisimo Cheese. This port or even the first two whites I mentioned would be great with this, though the whites would not hold up if the board contained bigger cheeses like blues or gorgonzola.

Carruth Cellars is a great addition to the little revitalization of the 2700 block of State st. you can go taste some wine, eat a meal (once Campfire opens), and grab a coffee all within 50 feet of each other.

Carruth Cellars

2727 State St., Carlsbad



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