From Ends Come Beginnings​. BLVD Passes Girl N Vine Rises.

As some of you may already know Blvd Chinese Kitchen had its last day this past Sunday 7/31. Oceanside was lucky to have the best Chinese Fusion restaurant in North County while they were around. Not only did Chef AJ Shiek and his staff produce great food. “Best Fish Taco” Editor’s Choice San Diego Magazine, “Best Asian Fusion” San Diego Magazine. They also provided me with some great personal memories of hanging out with the staff. I walked away with great memories and some lasting friendships.

Blvd collage

Chef AJ and his food. BLVD closing earns 3 sad kittens…sad kitten

(If I can not amuse myself while doing this , what is the point? 🙂

I was slightly fearful BLVD would be replaced with a mediocre sandwich or taco shop.

I am happy to say a wine bar is going in that will serve small bites. Maybe some Charcuterie and cheese. I did meet the new Owner Staci Miller briefly, seemed really nice. I should have more info as it progresses. Do not know if “Girl N Vine” is going to be the name (It should its a good name) but it is the name of her LLC.

Stay tuned lots of events this month. Throw in a few restaurants should be a post heavy August.

Thanks, Peace:)


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