Sugoi Sushi & BBQ~ Carlsbad

Would you eat it in a boat? Would You it with a goat? Would You eat it here or there? Would you eat it on the second floor of the women’s Macy’s at the Carlsbad mall?

Sugoi is a Carlsbad restaurant serving sushi, Japanese food, and Korean Bulgogi in the Carlsbad mall. I had heard good reviews and the location choice had my interest, so I decided to check them out.

ext 1

Luckily they have a sign out front or you would never know they were there.

The Carlsbad mall is going through a remodel, lots of vacancies, no more Orange Julius, or Disney store. Except for jeans I never shop brick and mortar anymore due to Amazon Prime and New Egg.

ext 2

Scrunched between Women’s denim and Tommy Hilfiger lies the restaurant.

int 1

Nondescript clean interior.

int 2The menu is a little all over the place. The Sushi menu focuses heavily on rolls, though they have Nigiri and Sushimi.

What I ordered.

Nigiri Albacore

Albacore Nigiri. this was a fine version of nigiri. The fish was fresh and rice was fine. I would never put it at the level of Wrench and Rodent, Harney, Loveboat, or any serious sushi place, but it was solid.


Mixed Tempura. The tempura batter was light and crispy. Shrimp and vegetables were cooked perfectly, a fine example of the dish.


Bulgogi. The main thing about the joy of eating Korean food is the plethora of side dishes that come with the meal. The lack of Kimchee is a big downer. The meat itself was tasty and tender but reminded me a lot more of beef teriyaki than Bulgogi. I ate it, I just would not go in expecting authentic Bulgogi. The Miso soup was good.

So, my curiosity has been sated. I do want to mention my service was very good. I am not saying go here now. If you find yourself at the Carlsbad mall for whatever reason and are peckish Sugoi is surely a better option than Hot Dog on a Stick (though they have great lemonade), or another food court choice.


2599 El Camino Real

2nd-floor Macy’s Women’s

Carlsbad, Ca


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