Taco Stand ~ Encinitas

Taco Stand, which has locations in La Jolla, and Downtown San Diego, is a family run company serving authentic Mexican street-style tacos on fresh made-in-house tortillas.

They started their La Jolla location in 2013 and recently opened their third location in Encinitas at 642 South Coast Highway a few weeks ago.

Taco Stand Encinitas

Taco Stand, Encinitas.

I arrived shortly after opening on a Monday, so I encountered no lines. I had gone by last Friday and the line was 10 to 12 out the door. This is kind of deceptive as the ordering counter is 5′ inside the doorway. Kinda like the new Oceanside swami’s if you are familiar.

Taco Stand Encinitas interior.jpg

Taco Stand Interior.

The menu is pretty simple 8 styles of street tacos from the obligatory Carne Asada to a vegetable nopal taco. About the same number of burritos, 5 styles of breakfast burritos, and a number of quesadillas and sides.

I decided to run the gamut and ordered three different tacos and a Mexican Coke.

Three tacos

My tacos left to right ~ Nopal, Al Pastor, and Grilled Pescado.

Adobada Taco

Tender pork, nice sweetness to the overall flavor of the taco.

Grilled Fish tacos

Good version of a fish taco. On all the tacos the freshness of the tortillas was noticeable and made a big impact.

Cactus taco

This was my favorite the cactus was cooked perfectly.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive fresh lunch in Encinitas I would hit them up. I would put them way above any place ending in “ertos” or any of the standard Mexican places. I would even put them slightly above Grubbie’s and Taco Taco. I think all three tacos and my Mexican coke came to $12 and change with tax.

Taco Stand

624 South Coast Highway, Encinitas

(across the street from Whole Foods)

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