Neoteric Chefs Dinner ~ Post Report

Well, last night was the Neoteric (new / modern) Chefs Dinner we held at, the great, 608 Restaurant in Oceanside.

It’s funny writing about something I was involved in because obviously, I have insight into behind the scenes and what goes on, and bias. Overall the night was great fun and a success. A few things that could have been improved on, mainly administrative and mainly on me. In the end, people had a great time and great food. Main mission accomplished.

The actual planning for the event started about a month / month and a half ago. Yesterday was a full day of prep work by the Chefs in order to serve 40 people at once for four courses.

At 6pm we sat down for a Crew meal, a fed crew is a happy crew.

How chefs eat

Chefs Felipe and Willy, eating as Chefs do, usually standing and talking in between tasks.


Stetson Scribner of Petite Madeline and the great servers from 608 enjoy a pre-event meal ala Chef Willy.

Family dinner

Buttermilk brined fried chicken, mash, and Caesar salad.

Prior seating

The calm before the storm. Actually the calm before a light rain shower, everything went smoothly.


Le Menu.

People arrive

The guests begin to arrive.

Petite Madeline

Petite Madeline and guests., always big supporters. Thanks, Christine:)

Loose leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea , Oceanside representing:)

My table

My table for the evening. Mario from Banana Dang! and Staci from Girl&Vine and the soon to be open Miller’s table in Oceanside. Fun times.

Behind the scenes, the kitchen kicked off for service. All Chefs pitched in helping out and plate each dish.

Back of house 1



Teamwork for the win.

Chef Mark

Chef Mark of Petite Madeline talks about his two courses.

C.B Shrimp

C.B. Shrimp ~ Butter poached shrimp, avocado mousse, prickly pear foam, basil praline, baby cilantro.

Nice way to kick off the dinner, sweetness from the shrimp and butter sauce set against a slight spiciness in the avocado mousse. The shrimp head was a nice touch as well.

Scalops and foie

Dockside Scallops ~ Smoked scallops, miso dressing, Japanese chives, burdock, with bruleed Foie Gras, shiso peppers, truffle salt, pickled cherries, and melba toast.

Chef Marc stated he liked to play with temperatures as well as textures and this dish showcased that.

Chef Willy

Chef “Willy”, executive Chef / partner of 608 describes his main course.

Short ribs

Braised Short Rib ~ Carrot, whole grain Stone IPA infused mustard, corn,confit garlic, lobster and snail butter.

This was an incredibly delicious dish. My friend Mario, who usually does not eat meat devoured it. I had planned on them serving him 608’s Vegan risotto instead but upon seeing the dish he was like ” I think I’m fine it’s not too much meat”:) Every time we go for dinner he breaks down and gives in…I’m a bad influence on him.

Dessert by Sous Chef of 608 Felipe Orozco in collaboration with Loose Leaf Tea.


Chocolate Cake ~ Tea crumble, sorrel moss, tea mousse, with burnt orange segments. Paired with loose Leaf Tea’s “Herbal Coffee Tea”

Great way to finish off the meal. The mousse was insane and the burnt orange was a brilliant addition to the dish.

So, There it is a brief recap of the event. I’ll take some time make some slight adjustments and start readying for the next one. Probably September, probably at Chandler’s, probably bigger crowd, incorporating Chefs from San Diego to Oceanside.

Thanks to all who came out and those that pulled it off.


Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro

Loose Leaf Tea


One thought on “Neoteric Chefs Dinner ~ Post Report

  1. So bummed I missed this. Looks like you guys nailed it. Hope everyone love the 608 food and wine. Willy does a great job and fits right in here in OSIDE!! Great job Chris!!!!!

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