Carlsbad Update & Newly Opened.

Was in Carlsbad and figured I would Check in on where projects stood and try out a new coffee bar / roaster.

First, on the 2700 hundred block of State street, Baba Coffee is just awaiting final sign-offs on permits and looks ready to start serving.

Baba Coffee Int.jpg

The space is cute with a nice open front. As the sign says they are still hiring Baristas. Email stevesd@gmail for hiring info.

Baba Coffee ext

Baba Coffee has a great store front. Campfire continues to press forward …


Still, a long way  to go. They do have a floor poured :0

How I feel about Campfire:)

Also stopped by the recently opened Sleeping Tiger Coffees.

Sleeping Tiger Ext

Sleeping tiger Coffees is located inside Witch Creek Winery in Carlsbad Village. The owner who also runs Paon, 83 degrees and Barrio has been roasting his own coffee for those establishments for a while. They recently opened up Sleeping Tiger Coffees, serving their own roasts.

Sleeping Tiger int.jpg

Huge coffee roaster.

Sleeping Tiger int.2

Still in early stages, no menu except their roasts for the day. I asked for an Iced of one of their roasts but for some weird reason, that was not available. Pour over coffee, shaken with ice is pretty standard for a serious coffee shop. Instead, I settled for an espresso over Ice. The coffee was fine, I had it black as I do when tasting a coffee for the first time. The roast was a bit bitter. There are about 10 things that can attribute to this from water to temp and roast time. I’d give them some time before comparing them to revolution, banana Dang!, or Lofty. Not bad by any means, though.

Sleeping Tiger Coffees 

2906 Carlsbad Blvd. Carlsbad

Inside Witch Creek Winery


2725 State Street

Baba Coffee

2727 State Street




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